.8 Mohammed Ismail is the founder of Uffo Athletic and Leisure Group, a south London organisation that spearheads running, walking and football sessions for all but with a focus on the city’s Somalian and East African communities. I wanted a club or organisation where everyone was welcome and that is what Uffo Athletic is. We are predominantly for the Somalian, East African and Muslim diaspora but we have people from all cultures join us. We are open to all and have a set up that is based on our own experience, culture and values.

We’ve got an adult running group of close to 40 which ranges from people who just want to take part in local Parkrun events to top distance runners and we always go for a coffee or tea afterwards.

Currently sessions include:-

Mondays at Burgess Park 6am. Interval sessions (8-10km in volume)

Thursdays at Clapham Common 7.30pm. Longer intervals and tempos (volume 12-18km)

Saturdays at Parkrun events 9am (Burgess, Brockwell and Dulwich) Annual Group races include: NYD10km, London marathon, Big half and summer league races (8-10km).

For more info, contact Mohammed on 07830 622265 | uffoathletic@gmail.cominfo@uffoathletic.com  info@uffoathletic.com  info@uffoathletic.c